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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hi ,

This is one of the outstanding and most trusted website we can use to earn some extra bucks.

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1. Go to the web site using above mentioned link.

2. Register for free in the Rich PTC web site.

3. You will be receiving a verification e-mail to the email you've provided in the registration process.

(I suggest you to provide a disposable email address if you don't trust this)

4. Click on the link to verify your registration. (Then close web page and open it again)

5. Then log in to your account using User Name & Password and verification code provided.

6. Now you are ready to make money.

7. Now go to the Surf Ads tab top of the site (you'll be directing to the available ads page)

8. Click on the "Links Available" on "Paid to Click" section

9. Now you can see the available adverts which site has provided. Click on the 1st link.

10. New window will pop up & shows countdown 10-1 (10.9.8....1)

11. Then Click the no provided (ex: Click 5)

12. Now $1 will be debited to you account. Check your account stats. Follow the same procedure for all links available.



1. Never Create Two accounts. it will caused to permanently suspend your account.

2. Click on the links as soon as you can hence they will automatically expired if you don't use them.

Try this, just spend 10-20 minutes to make 5-8 bucks per day. See the Payment proof



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