How to delete MaHasona.exe

Friday, May 29, 2009

First run the computer in safe mode.

then goto command prompt
1. start==>run..==>cmd

2. goto directory c:\windows
c:\cd windows
3. type this - attrib -s -h -r -a autorun.inf

4. del/f autofrun.inf

5. goto sytem32 folder
c:\windows\ cd system32

6. type this - attrib -s -h -r -a explorar.exe

7. del/f explorar.exe

8. goto pendriver directory from command prompt

9. type this - attrib -s -h -r -a autorun.inf

10. type this - attrib -s -h -r -a *.*

After that open the USB driver ( Do not double click. right click on the criver==>explore)

Delete the autorun.inf file and unknow exe files in the USB.

Now its complete.

Restart the computer.

Download this Reg file and run it.

This will stop unwanted autorun files FOREVER......

No more MaHasona forever.....

Download Remover
Serial Key : PS-00YZ8H-CQ23K2-932XTQ-XYYPV9

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